Furniture Restoration - Wax Polishing

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Some of our customers ask us what happens to the furniture after they have bought do we restore and wax the piece before we deliver it??

All our furniture arrives to us stripped, aka in the "bare wood"/ "in the white". We choose to do this for various reasons. Most antique furniture was painted so we like to strip the original paintwork off, this is done by immersing in hot caustic solution. This also then rids the furinture of any live woodworm and sterilizes the wood.

Now the furniture is ready for wax polishing or re-painting. Debs, our resident polisher, checks over your chosen piece and sands it down so when it is waxed or painted the surface will be smooth. She applies the wax with a brush or wire wool, depending on the wood, then when it is all dry she gives it a really good buffing.
We use different shades of wax, we adviSe our customers on the best shade for their chosen piece.

At a later date I will go into a bit more detail about wax finishing and restoration with an instructional video showing Debs in action!!

All the best,