How to Wax Polish Antique Furniture - with our in house polisher

Deb's Tutorial

Here at Pinefinders we wax polish your furniture to a very high standard before it leaves our warehouse.

Most of our furniture is in the bare wood, having recently been stripped. It is then up to the customer to decide if they would like us to wax polish it for them or id they'd like to do it themselves.

This tutorial is helpful to those deciding to take the job on. So here is Debs, our in house polisher, showing you how its done.

Debs uses "Antique Brown" Briwax in this tutorial. The drawer was taken from a bank of drawers made from old reclaimed pine. If you need help deciding which polish would best suit your piece of furniture, we are happy to advise you on this.

Debs also paints furniture for our customers. Generally we use Farrow & Ball paints which is discussed in more detail once the customer decides on the colour. There will be a painting tutorial at a later date.

Thanks for watching,