Is the price shown for the furniture as it is, or restored and waxed?

The prices shown is for the piece totally restored and wax finished unless it has already been painted. You will notice most of the furniture is shown in the bare wood, but some have already been finished.

Why is most of the furniture for sale still in the bare wood?

Some customers like their old pine furniture painted, some prefer a wax finish. Also some of my regular customers like to finish (and do any little restoration needed) themselves in which case I give a discount if bought as seen. 

Is all of the furniture you sell old?

Most of the furniture we sell is old, although we do make tables from old floorboards, and there are a few reproductions for sale from time to time. If something is not original then we will mention this in its description.

Is the website up to date?

I do my best to keep the website up to date on a daily basis, so all of the furniture you see is in stock and for sale, unless otherwise stated (Reserved/Sold)

How long can we expect to wait for delivery?

If you are in the local area and the furniture doesn’t need any finishing/wax polishing, then you can usually expect delivery within a week or so if convenient. Any polishing can usually be done within a week of purchase. We use a specialist antique furniture delivery company to deliver to other areas of the UK. They can usually delivery to most areas within about 3 to 4 weeks.

Can we buy directly from the website?

You can purchase directly on the website or we can take orders and payment over the phone. As most of the furniture is old, we advise a visit to the warehouse if at all possible, but we will do our best to tell you about any slight defects/marks etc on each piece.

How can I pay?

We take payment by card online or over the phone, bank transfer (please ask for details), cheque, or cash.

Does the furniture dismantle so it goes up my stairs?

Most of the larger wardrobes dismantle. This is the way they were originally made. But most of the smaller wardrobes and other furniture does not. Our antique pine dressers usually separate into 2 parts (top and base) but please always ask if you are not sure.

If I bought a wardrobe which dismantles and we don’t live locally, how do I put it together?

If you live far away from me, and would like to take advantage of my subsidised delivery and put the wardrobe together yourself, please view video and instructions on the furniture delivery page. 
This process is pretty straight forward, but I always advise contacting me. I can talk you through the whole process on the phone.

Do you sell to the trade?

We do sell to shops all over the country. Please contact us for more details.

Is the furniture treated for woodworm?

Most of the furniture we sell was originally painted and has been stripped recently and this process kills any woodworm. But it would be impossible to absolutely guarantee that everything is 100% woodworm free.

Is there a discount for bulk purchases?

Please contact me if you are looking to purchase a number of items.

How accurate are the measurements?

All the measurements are in inches, and are rounded up to the nearest 1/2 inch. Therefor please call and we will be glad to give you an exact measurement if required.

Who does the restoration and polishing?

I currently do all of the waxing myself, personally. I’ve been working on old pine furniture for about 14 years, and have learnt all aspects of restoration and wax finishing ‘on the job’, and by trial and error. I’m pretty confident that I can overcome most problems I come across now, but I do have a number of friends in the trade I can contact for advice if necessary/if I get stuck. Some restoration is done on the furniture before I purchase it, but I do most myself.

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