As well as having beautiful old pine furniture, we have a selection of various antique items: from antique copper cauldrons, copper and brass pot and pans, lamps, kettles, and plates, sometimes architectural antiques such as chimney pots, antique decking chairs, old East German dog carts, old ship anchors and steering wheels. 

Below you can see photos and watch a video of our favourite items and latest arrivals:

Pinefinders Antiques

Video of our latest antiques and favourites

We will be recording a regular video showing you all of our antiques in the shop.

Antique Copper Kettles & Small Pots and Cauldrons

Copper kettles and pots

A selection of copper kettles and pots/small cauldrons.

Old Wooden East German Dog Carts

Dog carts

3 old East German Dog Carts which we have for sale. Each with a pull handle, metal rimmed wooden wheels, and in full working order.

Large Antique Copper Water Jugs

Large antique copper jugs

We currently have some beautiful large antique copper water jugs for sale.