We have had lots of interest in our business and especially in the website. We feel keeping the website up-to-date every day, although being very time consuming, has been extremely useful for our customers.

Telegraph.co.uk - "Pining for bargains"

I had a call from the editor of the ‘Bargain Britain’ section of the Saturday Telegraph in 2006 explaining how they had stumbled upon my website one day, and how impressed they were, especially after realising it had been designed and developed just by my brother Chris Gibbins and also promoted between the two of us.

The editorial they wrote was on June 24th 2006 in the ‘Bargain Britain’ section of The Saturday Telegraph.“Pining For Bargains”.

"Pining for bargains

For reclaimed and antique pine furniture, you'll struggle to find a more extensive range under one roof than at Pine Finders...."

60 Minute Makeover - featured on four of their shows a few years ago.

We also had some of our furniture filmed for two of ITV’s ‘60 Minute Makeover‘ programs. One was filmed in Grays in Essex, and the other in Frinton on Sea near Colchester.

We have also just had some more of our furniture included in their latest makeover programmes. The first featured in the ‘Leytonstone’ episode,  broadcast on ITV1 on 21st October.

BBC's 'Put your money where your mouth is'

Filming is on Thursday 8th May 2014 here at the warehouse. 

I will put a link to the clip once it appears on TV.