"Why is most of our furniture still in the bare wood ? Unfinished Pine"

We only wax or paint the furniture once the customer has chosen a piece. Some customers like the furniture to be painted, some like it waxed in a very dark wax, some a normal mellow wax and some in a clear wax finish.

If you're not sure, we can advise you on we consider to be the best colour of wax to use according to the age and tone of the piece in question. 

What we consider to be a normal wax finish will be a slightly pigmented light brown coloured wax which will produce a warm mellow finish. Often we can show you a piece which has already been waxed which your chosen piece of furniture will look like once all done. Although pieces of old pine furniture will vary in colour and patina once waxed. 

Restoration: We always thoroughly check over the piece of furniture before we wax it, checking doors are closing, drawers are running smoothly, locks are working and everything is structurally sound. If you are wishing to buy a piece in its current condition (for a reduced price in the bare wood and as it is) then please check it over carefully before purchasing, or if buying over the phone then please ask for details of its current condition before purchasing. If you are not familiar with buying - restoring old pine furniture yourself then again please be sure to ask for details if you are planning to restore and wax your piece. You can see all of our pine furniture for sale here.

Obviously if you have any questions we will always be very pleased to help.

Below you can see a photograph of a chest of drawers before and after wax finishing. This piece was waxed with an 'Antique Brown Briwax'.

Chest of drawers before being waxed

An example of one of our large antique pine wardrobes which has been waxed:

chest of drawers after being waxed

Below an example of a Victorian chest of drawers which has been waxed: