A Victorian pine chest of drawers to restore

My next project:

Well, this is my next project, a Victorian pine chest of drawers. 

List of work required:

Remove the old finish as it has been marked and stained with 'I wouldn't like to guess'.

Repair the drawers, the bases of the drawers have contracted to leave gaps. I will close these up by loosening the back of the drawers where it fixes to the base, tap the base so the gaps close, and then re attach to the bases.

Repair the lower plinth on the left hand side hopefully using the original piece which I have. This way the colour will be the same. It's very hard matching old wood.

When all done, I'll check it all over to see if the main body is also sturdy, and repair as necessary.

I'll have to make sure the drawers are running smoothly. Some of the runners look a little worn, but I think they'll be fine.

One of the brass drop handles is missing so I'll have a look in my bucket of bits to see if I can find something suitable. It'll be a shame not to keep the majority of the original handles.

When all this is done I'll clean off the wood a little making sure not to sand it too much and reveal the deeper different coloured wood, and finish using the usual wax finish.

Should look great. 

First a cup of tea...