A pine refectory table and 2 benches ready for a customer

A few photos of an 8ft refectory table and 2 benches we have just made for a customer in Norfolk.

The benches were made to tuck in between the chunky square legs so they can be pushed out of the way to allow extra space around the table.

The table and benches have been made from old pine floorboards rescued from an old church which was being demolished in Packinton, Leicestershire. Notice the way the stretchers under the table have been sanded to produce an authentic worn look. The dark streaks are just the wet patches... It's outside drying there in the sun..

The customer wanted the table left in the bare wood, and are going to either paint it or wax it themselves, they haven't decided yet. 

We can make tables of any style - design, and any size from old pine floorboards. Please ask for more details, and see our tables made page.