Custom made to measure pine bookcases, boxes and cupboards - hand made to any size.

We can make pine bookcases, corner cupboards and boxes to any size and design from new pine. On this page you can see examples we have made for customers in the past. These have usually been slightly distressed and wax finished, but they can also be painted for you in any Farrow & Ball colour.

Bookcases hand made to any size from new pine.

The bookcases can be made with shaped top and/or bottom plinths. Please ask for more details.

Obviously when considering a large bookcase please make sure there is adequate room for access to where it is needed. For bookcases over 4' wide it is usually best to have a centre partition. These hand made bookcases can also be made to partly dismantle if access is limited.

Please ask for more details or with your required dimensions for a quote - click on the Contact Us - Enquiry Form button (bottom of page).

Below are a few examples of bookcases we have made in the past for customers, Slightly different styles and different sizes: (prices shown include VAT)

A tall slim pine bookcase with 4 shelves inside, again with straight plinth and base. Height:70″, width:22″, depth:9.5″. Price: £ 297

A small bookcase with a shaped piece above top shelf and 2 shelves inside. Height: 37.5", width: 37", depth: 10.5". Price: £197

A large bookcase with a shaped plinth and top piece, and 3 shelves inside. Height: 55", width: 45", depth: 9, shelf depth: 8". Price: £347

When ordering a bookcase please let us know the required over all depth (depth of the top piece), and required depth of each shelf. And also when specifying the width you can give us your required over all width, and main body width if you'd like to.

The colour of a normal wax finish of the bookcase will be similar to the photographs shown (just be aware computer monitors vary). If you require a richer or lighter colour this can be done for you if you let us know. Obviously if you'd like a shaped top piece, please let us know if this height includes the top piece or is just the height of the bookcase itself.

Below are a few more examples of bookcases we have made for customers in the past - to give you some ideas:

Here is an example of a large 2 piece corner bookcase we made for a customer in London. It was made so it could be attached inside the room. The shelves were designed to be adjustable. Wax finished in a fairly rich coloured, with a plinth and an attractive cornice. 

Pine bookcases with adjustable shelves

This is a bookcase with adjustable shelves we made for a customer. Bookcases like this can be made to any size. The shelves are supported with 'banjo' supports: small metal rings which can be slotted into the selected holes. This is a neat and tidy way of creating adjustable shelves.

The bookcase shown is in the bare wood, but they can be waxed in a wax tone/colour of your liking, hand painted or spray painted for you in any colour. Or left in the bare wood.

Painting by hand produces a more shabby chic look, while spray painting a cleaner, more uniform finish without any brush marks.

Please contact us if you'd like more information about types of finishes. (There is a Contact Us button near the bottom of this page)

Click below for a bookcase quote

Pine boxes, trunks, chests hand made to any size from new pine.

Boxes and corner cupboards like the ones below can be made to any size. Just contact us with your required dimensions and we'll give you a quote. If you also let us have your post code we'll also be able to give you a quote for delivery.

This furniture can usually be made within 3 to 4 weeks (obviously allow more time if delivery is required).

We usually slightly distress the furniture and then wax it. This just gives it a little more character, but please let us know your requirements and we can adjust our processes accordingly. These are all hand made so any little details can be catered for.

Below a large very tall box similar to an old grain store: The height was 30", width: 33.5", depth: 22". Price was: £245 + VAT

Corner cupboards hand made to any size from new pine.


Ideal for a TV stand in the corner of the room, put your Sky box or DVD player on the shelf below.

An example of a small pine corner cupboard without doors (Height: 25", width: 30", depth: 18.5") Price: £289 (including VAT)

And a corner cupboard with doors (Height: 23", width: 35", depth: 21")  Price: £379 (including VAT)

For any more information, if you have any questions, or if you would like to place an order please use the Contact Us - Enquiry Form button below.

Made to measure pine cupboards

Cupboards like the one featured can be hand made to any size from new pine boards.

You can see that we have made this cupboard with doors that open fully which could be useful. A normal construction would include a plinth at the base and a nice overhang at the top, and the doors each with a single panel. For this size of cupboard a single shelf seems suitable. 

The one shown (height: 28", width: 38", depth: 18" price: £312) has 2 doors but let us have your requirements (with dimensions), and we can supply you with a quote.

Also let us have your post code and we can give you a delivery price. Contact us

They can usually be made within 2 weeks or so but this depends on our work schedule. Can be supplied waxed (like the one shown), painted or in the bare wood. 

All of the pine cupboards we currently have for sale can be seen here

Below is a filing cabinet we made for a customer. These can be made to any size, and with any number of drawers. This one was made with new pine, and waxed finished. Please contact us with the required dimensions for a price. They can be left in the bare wood, waxed, or painted for you.