Pine Bookcases Made To Measure

Custom handmade pine bookcases - made to any size from new pine or old pine floorboards. See images for bookcases we have made in the past.

The new pine bookcases are less expensive than if they’re made from old pine floorboards. They can be wax finished, painted for you in any Farrow & Ball colour, or just left in the bare wood and can be made with shaped top, and/or bottom plinth. Please ask for more details.

Obviously when considering a large bookcase please make sure there is adequate room for access to where it is needed. For bookcases over 4' wide it is usually best to have a centre partition. These hand made bookcases can also be made to partly dismantle if access is limited.

In the inquiry form below the images you can let us know the height, width and depth, and number of shelves you’d like your bookcase to have, whether you’d like your it waxed, left in the bare wood or painted for you, and whether you’d like it made from old pine floorboards or new pine. Also whether you’d like fixed or adjustable shelves (adjustable shelves are a little more expensive). We can also give you a quote for delivery if you enter your post code.

You will notice a ‘waterfall’ style bookcase in the images, deeper at the bottom than the top.

Pine bookcases with adjustable shelves

This is a bookcase with adjustable shelves we made for a customer. Bookcases like this can be made to any size. The shelves are supported with 'banjo' supports: small metal rings which can be slotted into the selected holes. This is a neat and tidy way of creating adjustable shelves.

Types of finishes:

The bookcase shown is in the bare wood, but they can be waxed in a wax tone/colour of your liking, hand painted or spray painted for you in any colour. Spray painting is considerably more expensive than hand painting. We can leave in the bare wood for you if you prefer to finish it yourselves.

Painting by hand produces a more shabby chic look, while spray painting a cleaner, more uniform finish without any brush marks.

Pine bookcases currently for sale click here

Large Hand Made Pine Corner Bookcases

Here are some examples of large 2 piece pine corner bookcases we have made in the past for customers: These were made from new pine. Corner bookcases can be assembled inside the room. The shelves can be designed to be adjustable or fixed. These particular bookcases were finished in a fairly rich coloured wax, with a plinth and an attractive cornice, but we can use different shades of wax as required. Corner bookcases can be made to any size, and I can come and assemble them for you personally if required.