Pine Furniture

At Pinefinders Old Pine Furniture warehouse we are very choosy when it comes to the pine furniture we buy. Most of the pieces originate from Europe, many from Eastern Europe, and most was originally painted. Although we do sometimes sell some pine furniture still in its original painted finish, most we have stripped and left in the bare wood until the customer has chosen how they’d like us to finish it for them: a wax finish, or painted. Some customers choosing to finish it themselves.

Types of pine furniture


Nearly all of the large pine wardrobes we sell dismantle. Some totally dismantle into the following sections: The top, base, 2 x sides, the door/s, back panels and drawers if it has them. If delivery by myself, I can assemble the wardrobe for you, or I can record a video of me assembling the wardrobe giving you instruction. This can be very useful if you are too far away for me to come personally. Other wardrobes split into 2 sections, a plinth and a cornice.These were generally very old East German wardrobes older than the late 1900’s.