We deliver to all areas of the UK

To keep our delivery costs as reasonable as possible, usually we only use one person, therefore please ensure there is if possible, someone to help us when we arrive. If this isn't possible please could you let us know and we will provide a two person delivery quote.

One person deliveries to ground floor garage situation. If suitable help is available our delivery person will gladly assist with delivery to place required.

Most of our Antique Pine Dressers come in 2 sections (top and bottom) so can easily be lifted by 2 people.

Local deliveries can usually be arranged within a week or so of when the furniture is ready.

To deliver to other areas of the UK we use “H & H Transport” (specialists in delivering antique furniture).

Wardrobe deliveries

If you require delivery of a wardrobe which dismantles and you would like us to deliver and assemble for you please ask for a quote by contacting us here.

If you are happy assembling the wardrobe yourselves then the normal delivery prices (below) apply. Please feel free to ask for advice about assembly when your wardrobe arrives and I will be happy to talk you through the process over the phone.

Delivery costs and estimated times below. May be a one person delivery and does not include assembly of wardrobes (Per delivery, not per item) 

Please contact us if you have a deadline. We are happy to try and accommodate you if we can.

Furniture delivery prices and estimated delivery time.

These ETA's are for pieces of furniture which are ready for delivery. If any restoration/waxing is required then please allow an extra week or so for this to be done. If you are on a tight schedule then please contact us and we will try to give you a more accurate delivery time scale.

For areas outside of England please contact us with your post code for a quote and estimated delivery time.

City of London (ETA 2 weeks) £55

Bedfordshire (ETA 3 weeks) £55

Buckinghamshire (ETA 1 to 2 weeks) £25

Cambridgeshire (ETA 3 weeks) £55

Cheshire (ETA 3 to 4 weeks) £55

Cornwall (ETA 4 weeks) £80

Cumbria (ETA 4 weeks) £80

Derbyshire (ETA 3 weeks) £75

Devon (ETA 3 weeks) £65

Dorset (ETA 3 weeks) £60

Durham (ETA 4 weeks) £70

East Sussex (ETA 3 weeks) £65

Essex (ETA 3 weeks) £60

Gloucestershire (ETA 2 weeks) £45

Greater London (ETA 2 weeks) £45

Greater Manchester (ETA 3 weeks) £65

Hampshire (ETA 3 weeks) £60

Hertfordshire (ETA 2 to 3 weeks) £55

Kent (ETA 3 weeks) £65

Lancashire (ETA 3 to 4 weeks) £75

Leicestershire (ETA 3 weeks) £55

Lincolnshire (ETA 3 weeks) £65

Merseyside (ETA 3 to 4 weeks) £70

Norfolk (ETA 3 to 4 weeks) £70

North Yorkshire (ETA 4 weeks) £75

Northamptonshire (ETA 2 to 3 weeks) £45

Northumberland (ETA 4 weeks) £75

Nottinghamshire (ETA 3 weeks) £55

Oxfordshire (ETA 2 weeks) £35

Shropshire (ETA 3 weeks) £55

Somerset (ETA 2 to 3 weeks) £60

South Yorkshire (ETA 3 to 4 weeks) £75

Staffordshire (ETA 3 weeks) £50

Suffolk (ETA 3 to 4 weeks) £70

Surrey (ETA 2 to 3 weeks) £50

Tyne and Wear (ETA 4 weeks) £70

Warwickshire (ETA 3 weeks) £55

West Midlands (ETA 2 to 3 weeks) £45

West Sussex (ETA 2 to 3 weeks) £50

West Yorkshire (ETA 3 to 4 weeks) £80

Wiltshire (ETA 3 weeks) £55

Worcestershire (2 to 3 weeks) £50

H and H Transport for UK wide delivery

H and H Transport for UK wide delivery

We can deliver locally (usually for free if very local)

We can deliver locally (usually for free if very local)

Knock-down wardrobe assembly instructions (see video above)

Most of our larger wardrobes and some of the smaller ones dismantle. These are sometimes referred to as Knock Down Wardrobes.
(Each wardrobe for sale will explain whether it dismantles or not).

A few years ago I recorded a short video of me putting such a wardrobe together. The lighting wasn’t very good but you’ll get an idea of how simple this process is. I will be recording a more clear one over the next couple of weeks.

A typical Knock Down Wardrobe consists of a base, top, 2 sides, 2 doors and usually 3 or so back pieces. Also the fixing pieces.

Brief assembly instructions:

Place the base of the wardrobe close to your chosen position. (It can moved into exact position when assembled)
slot one side piece into the base and fix using the fixing provided. (These may consist of wedges or bolts)
Then slot in the back pieces starting from the fitted side piece.
Then fit the other side piece in position and attach using another fixing.
The top can now be placed on. (It’s usually best to do this with 2 people)

If the doors have locating pins, and do not have slide-on hinges they must be fitted before the top is secured. Angle the appropriate door so the bottom pine locates into the hole, and then tilt forwards so the top pin is close to the top hole. Lift the top of the wardrobe very slightly so you are able to position door top pin under locating hole. Lower top of wardrobe into position. Then you must fix that side of the wardrobe top using the fixing provided. When this is done you can go through the same process to fit the other door.

If the doors have external hinges use the fixings provided to secure the top on the wardrobe. Then simply drop the doors onto their hinges.

After the wardrobe has been constructed it can be moved into its final position. Try and slide by pushing on the base of the wardrobe and not at the top.

If you find the doors don’t close exactly and rub a little, this probably means your floor is not level. By lifting one corner of the wardrobe slightly you will discover which corner needs to be elevated using a thin piece of card or similar.

It is advisable to check the fixings after a couple of days when everything has settled.

I can come and deliver your wardrobe and assemble it for you. Please contact me for a quote for this.